DLA Piper chairman emeritus announces sixth quarterly report to Penn State

Senator George J Mitchell and his law firm DLA Piper have announced that Mitchell has delivered his sixth quarterly report as the independent athletics integrity monitor under the Athletics Integrity Agreement (AIA) among Pennsylvania State University, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the Big Ten Conference. 

The sixth report describes Penn State’s effort during the most recent 90-day period to fulfill its obligations under the AIA and the Consent Decree, including the implementation of recommendations made in the July 2012 report by Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan.

This past quarter, Penn State announced that Dr Eric Barron would succeed Dr Rodney Erickson as president of the university. ‘Dr Erickson steadfastly adhered to the letter of and principles underlying the Consent Decree and the AIA, and he provided forward-looking leadership during a challenging period in the university’s history,’ Mitchell said. ‘I thank Dr Erickson for his co-operation and for his commendable service to Penn State.’

During the most recent period, Mitchell said that Penn State maintained its focus on compliance with the AIA and continued to work towards the implementation of the few outstanding recommendations made in the Freeh Report. He added that Penn State’s administration has remained forthright and co-operative throughout this time.

The AIA implements provisions of the binding consent decree between the NCAA and Penn State dated 23 July 2012. Mitchell was named the independent athletics integrity monitor after the consent decree was finalised.  The monitor performs an independent role and is not an agent of Penn State, the NCAA or the Big Ten Conference. The monitor will provide quarterly written reports to Penn State, the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference during his tenure.

Mitchell is the chairman emeritus of DLA Piper.