Development Management Procedure amendments: ‘a faster appeals process’

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Development Management Procedure amendments: ‘a faster appeals process’ - .PDF file.

By Christopher Bowes and Stuart Tym

The government announced on 3 September through a ministerial statement by Nick Boles MP that it had introduced orders to make the appeal process faster ‘while ensuring the process remains fair’. A set of new orders amending the established rules for Development Management Procedure and all forms of appeal were laid before Parliament on the same day. The principal effect of these is to shorten many of the key timescales the various modes of appeal have been working to.

The changes will be of interest to landowners, developers and LPAs alike, because, it is hoped, this new change will provide quicker appeal decisions allowing development to begin sooner. The price of this is to introduce an added burden to taking part in the appeal process; not only do appellants need to come to appeals with cases fully stated but LPAs need to be in a position to respond to them sooner.

It has been a common theme within the coalition government through both DCLG announcements and various budgets that the planning system is ‘holding up’ the development industry and, in turn, the economy. This represents a further step in the government’s aim to speed up the system…

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