Dacheng attorneys provide legal support for Baidu’s netizen rights guarantee programme

Baidu and the China Consumers Association have announced the launch of the Baidu Credit Verification initiative, which has been designed to make online consumption safer. Last May, Baidu launched the ‘world’s first’ netizen rights guarantee programme, for which a legal aid group composed of Dacheng attorneys Wang Jun and Yu Hui was built. The credit verification initiative is an upgrade to this programme.

Consumers cheated by Baidu-verified websites would receive a full refund for their purchase, whether the websites are results of organic search or sponsored search.

They could make a preliminary assessment on the reliability and risk of a shopping website by looking at whether it has a ‘V’ mark.

Until January this year, Baidu credit verification has applied to all sponsored search results. It is now beefing up efforts to cover organic search results.

Currently, about three million websites have been verified, accounting for 30 per cent of all first-page search results. The initiative will expand to official websites of government agencies, media, schools, hospitals and public service organisations within this year, for which a fast-track solution will be created. For commercial institutions, Baidu will grant verifications on the basis of opinions of third-party verification agencies and netizens.