CCTV in the workplace ― France

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By Dianne Carpentier

CCTV cameras can be installed in the French workplace for safety reasons and to prevent and investigate crime, theft or misconduct.

CCTV cameras can be installed in the entrance and exit areas, emergency exits and corridors. They can also be placed in areas where goods or valuable items are stored. In order to respect employees’ right to privacy, cameras should not record employees while they are in their offices, subject to certain exceptions (for example, employees handling cash — but the camera should focus more on the cash register than the cashier). Employers should not place cameras in toilets, staff rooms, changing rooms or union offices.

Access to the CCTV footage must be restricted to the duly authorised persons (for example, the security manager). These persons must be trained and well informed about the internal policies regarding the use of CCTV…

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