Business immigration — tips for the unwary

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Business immigration — tips for the unwary - .PDF file.

By Helen Burgess

For many HR professionals, the responsibility for ensuring that their organisation can continue to employ migrant workers falls squarely at their door. This can prove daunting, especially for those with little or no business immigration experience.

So, what are the key matters to be aware of? The tips below will help those individuals who are new to the world of business immigration, as well as seasoned experts, as they highlight a few of the common issues we tend to advise our Tier 2 sponsor clients.

Top tip #1 — take the right copies: there are certain prescribed documents and combinations of documents that you must check and copy (usually the entire document) before an individual commences employment to ensure they have the right to be in the UK (these are often referred to as List A and List B documents). One such document is an individual’s passport, but you must copy certain pages of the passport and not just the picture page…

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