Take five

Janice Northover gets into the swing of her first-ever MIPIM, but finds the party pace a little too much for her diary to cope with

Janice Northover
Janice Northover

I have officially lost my MIPIM virginity. Today was 18 hours of what I’m now calling the three Cs: chatting, coffee and cards.  I got the shakes after about my sixth coffee in no less than two hours.
Everyone’s saying MIPIM feels quieter this year. I know some clients flying from London missed their flights because of the snow, but it seems vibrant enough to me.  The cafes and bars are full of MIPIM delegates talking shop.

Today has certainly been a learning curve.  Here are five things I learnt:

  1. There are better things to spend €9 on than a half-cup of cold coffee in the Majestic Hotel lounge.
  2. Apparently you get invited to more parties when you have an “aesthetically pleasing” face – I should add that these are not my words but those of a PR guy I met at Festivale.
  3. You could do all your networking by sitting all day at one of the tables outside the Festivale; anyone and everyone ends up there at some point or at least walks past.
  4. The property world is surprisingly small. You can’t walk down the Croisette without bumping into someone you know.
  5. Never, and I mean never, forget or run out of business cards. I made this school-girl error last night – but then it was 3am and we had been on the go for over 18 hours so I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much.

Today is probably one of the most exciting days of the trip. Everyone attending MIPIM has now arrived and the main parties are tonight. I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to several dinners and parties this evening. The only problem is that they’re all taking place at the same time. As a litigator, I’m used to being in two places at once – I once managed to conduct two trials on the same day, although they were at least in the same Court building – but even for me being at a dinner, boat party and cocktail party at the same time may be a tad too far.

Janice Northover is a partner at Brecher