OC does it

Out. Not out. Out. Not out. Osborne Clarke’s inability to make up its mind over outsourcing, and specifically its deal with industry giant Integreon, has more surprises than the England cricket team’s awe-inspiring rearguard action.

In case you missed it – Osborne Clarke’s latest reversal, not Prior & Co’s early morning heroics – the firm has decided to dramatically scale back its use of outsourcing provider Integreon by transferring most of its support services back in-house.

Cue a stream of comments from the market that can most charitably be described as quizzical.

“Hasn’t this been done before?” asks one on TheLawyer.com. Another pithily suggests: “This can be a perfect case study for ‘why outsourcing fails’.”

Is outsourcing a dead duck. Is it just a fad? Is all your staff under one roof the way forward?

These questions and more will continue to plague the legal market’s brightest minds, as well as several law firm leaders, for years to come.

In the meantime, check out our handy cut-out-and-keep guide to LPO and outsourcing.

Maybe Osborne Clarke should have read it.


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