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In the ever-developing and ever-changing world of intellectual property (IP), news and projects are never in short supply. Karanovic & Nikolic presents a brief overview each month of some of the latest topics from this exciting field for the region of south-east Europe.

The number of patent filings at the European Patent Organization (EPO) reached a new peak in 2012. This was recognized as an indication that the industry is opting to innovate its way out of the economic crisis, according to EPO’s President Benoît Battistelli, who presented EPO’s 2012 annual results in Brussels. The EPO received 257 744 patent filings which represents a 5, 2% increase over 2011, wherewith the previous record from 2008 was beaten.

Two shipments of counterfeit 1,500 Hermès handbags, one bound to Mexico and other to U.S.A, were seized at the Port of L.A. The counterfeit bags, which originated from China, have a combined estimated domestic value of $18,412. This value is an indicator of potentially high profit margins in the illegal trade of this type of counterfeit luxury product, U.S. CBP official Jaime Ruiz said in a statement. Had the handbags been the real Hermès, they would be worth an estimated $14.1 million…

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