Guide to agile software development: part 2 — what should a customer do?

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A customer’s guide to agile software development: part 2 — what should a customer do? - .PDF file.

In this article, Shoosmiths looks at what any customer entering an agile software development project should do to ensure that it is geared up to implement such a project and that the documents governing the project adequately protect its position.

A customer of an agile development solution should evaluate the following before entering into such a project to ensure it is geared to receiving such a product:

  • Internal due diligence – is there internal buy-in for the project for example, is the customer able to delegate authority for decision making?
  • External due diligence – has the customer looked into the financial standing, technical and financial capabilities of the potential supplier? Can the supplier meet the objectives required?
  • Cultural fit – is the culture of the customer (and the supplier) suited to agile development together?
  • Objective – does the customer have a set objective that it plans/needs to reach? How easy is it for the customer to articulate that objective, given there will be no technical specification?

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