Ferrari, Francesco

Francesco Ferrari specialises in all areas of regeneration and development work for registered social landlords and national house-builders. He also has considerable experience in major regeneration and complex development schemes involving joint ventures between public and private bodies.

Francesco Ferrari

He also acts for independent management companies and commercial organisations acquiring ground rent and property portfolios.

Ferrari works with both social housing and private developer lawyers as both sectors face similar legal issues and a cross fertilisation of ideas between the two sets of advisers can benefit both areas of practice.

Recent experience

  • PPP/Consortia projects and regeneration schemes including acting as lead partner for a number of London Wide Initiative, English Partnerships’ sponsored regeneration schemes
  • Building Licences/Development Agreements
  • Site acquisitions (either single sites or site assemblies)
  • Acquisition of ground rents/reversionary freehold and property portfolios
  • Complex management agreements relating to housing management and estate management issues
  • Acquisition of ground rents/reversionary freeholds and ground rent portfolios