Exclusive video interview with Rudy Giuliani: we will replicate New York success in City

The most high-profile partner at Houston-based energy firm Bracewell & Giuliani, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has outlined his firm’s plans to grow in the UK in a video interview with The Lawyer.

Rudolph Giuliani
Rudolph Giuliani

Giuliani draws comparisons with his firm’s launch in New York seven years ago with three lawyers. That office now has around 100 lawyers in total.

“We’re encouraged by our experience in New York,” the former mayor of that city said in the video interview. “Twenty per cent succeed, 80 per cent fail. We’re one of the ones that succeeded greatly and grew our practice internationally as a result of being in New York. We think London is very similar to New York in that regard.”

Giuliani also revealed that the UK Government’s decision to give the green light to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was among the reasons that led his firm to decide to target a London relaunch.

“We’ve been involved in fracking from the time it started,” said the former mayor. “I know it’s very big now but my firm was there at the very beginning when fracking first started.”

Giuliani’s firm has made no secret of its ambitions to also be in at the ground floor of the UK’s fracking market. The firm is also targeting energy projects further afield, as Giuliani revealed.

“The idea now is to put our attention to growing the London office to the level it should be so we can participate in a lot of these energy deals that are going on, particularly in Africa and the Middle East,” said Giuliani. “With our office in Dubai we already do a lot of work in the Middle East and we want to do more in Africa as well.”

In January Bracewell & Giuliani moved to expand its London office with the hire of two energy lawyers, including Simmons & Simmons partner Julian Nichol (15 January 2012).

Yesterday’s main feature in The Lawyer focuses on Bracewell & Giuliani’s new London strategy and the opportunities raised for other firms raised by the boom in shale gas in the wider energy market.


Rudy Giuliani