Don’t grumble, become an ABS

Poo-poo to those who say that legal departments in local authorities are full of fuddy-duddies. Instead of bemoaning further cuts on spending, a growing number of public sector lawyers are taking a leaf out of Monty Python’s book and looking on the bright side of life.

Take the neighbouring London authorities of Lambeth and Southwark, for example. Instead of chewing on life’s gristle, the legal heads are looking at how to make the most of what’s on offer – such as an ABS spin-off – to help things turn out for the best.

This isn’t just chitter-chatter, either. Lambeth’s director of governance and democracy Mark Hynes told The Lawyer that a decision to set up an ABS vehicle will be “fully fleshed out” in the next three to six months. Just enough time for staff to purse their lips and whistle.

So while life in the legal profession can seem jolly rotten, let the public sector show us something we’ve forgotton. The options are out there.


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