Tumbridge, James R

James Tumbridge is the head of the Intellectual Property and Litigation department in the law firm’s London office. He has extensive experience in commercial litigation, intellectual property and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

James R Tumbridge

His practice has covered a wide variety of matters, including commercial litigation, admiralty, employment, insolvency, banking and mortgage claims.

He focuses primarily on intellectual property disputes, and he has been involved in cases such as the House of Lords decision in RPR v Yeda concerning patent entitlement to a cancer therapy, CCH v the Law Society of Upper Canada in a decision of the Canadian Supreme Court concerning copyright in judgments, trademark cases such as the PCC decision protecting the Dyno-Rod mark from rogue plumbers and design and confidential information disputes.

He has been an ad hoc adviser to various UK MPs and MEPs on a range of intellectual property and dispute issues. Through his engagement with policy makers, he has extensive government relations experience and advises clients on how to prepare for legislative changes and regulation compliance.

Tumbridge is also a qualified mediator, listed with the world intellectual property organisation (WIPO), the UK Intellectual Property Office, ADR Group, IDRS, Talk Mediation, Clerksroom and a number of other alternative dispute resolution providers.

His work has covered matters before the small claims courts of England and Ontario, the UK employment tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal, the English High Court, the UK Patents County Court, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Canadian Supreme Court, the English Court of Appeal, the House of Lords and the UK Supreme Court. He has also appeared several times as an advocate in courts in the US and Canada as well as England.

Tumbridge is a prolific writer and has been featured in publications including, inter alia, International Company and Commercial Law Review, Commercial Litigation Review, World Intellectual Property Report, EIPR, AIPPI, Canadian Intellectual Property Journal, ABA IPL Section, BioScience Law Review, the Law Society of Upper Canada Intellectual Property Law Year Review, The Harold G Fox Trust, Oxford Journal of IP Law & Practice and the Federated Press Federal Intellectual Property Review Journal. He is also the author of a book on qualification: Tumbridge’s Guide to Legal Qualification: The Common Law World.

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