Outer Temple QC and barrister tackle causation in APIL clinical negligence book

Christopher Gibson QC and Robert Dickason from Outer Temple Chambers have contributed to the APIL clinical negligence book that is set to be published in July 2014. In the publication, Gibson QC and Dickason tackle the trickiest issue for most complex clinical negligence cases: causation.

In doing so, they highlight the touchstone principles, their legal foundations and examples of how they are applied in clinical negligence cases.

Their chapter addresses classical ‘but for’ causation, loss of a chance, material contribution and secondary injury. It gives tips for how these cases are to be analysed and quantified in practice, with reference to the most recent authorities.

It is intended as a tool for practitioners — a succinct guide to the law in this difficult area where a strong grasp of principle is required for both liability and quantum.