Intellectual property

In the highly competitive business world, ideas, innovation and branding provide significant opportunities to set one company apart from another. At Shepherd and Wedderburn, our specialist team helps clients protect, manage and commercialise this vital intellectual property (IP).

From semiconductors to historical novels, drinks branding to confidential formulas, our clients constantly present us with original ideas and interesting problems. Our tailored response can begin at trademark registration or design right protection. It can encompass IP strategy, from early-stage R&D through to licensing and defence. We can help maintain the IP assets and deal with any potential infringement. We can also assist clients on any IP purchase or in-licensing opportunities and, when the time is right, advise on the sale or out-licensing of their IP to third parties.

Our team has wide-ranging experience of advising businesses on IP issues relating to fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and technology transfers.

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This information was originally sourced from the Shepherd and Wedderburn.