EU and competition

Competition enforcement both through competition authorities and through the courts has expanded significantly over recent years. The UK competition authorities, the Office of Fair trading and the Competition Commission recently merged to form the new Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in order to become more effective in handling competition cases.

In parallel, the UK and European competition authorities have been willing to expand the reach of competition law and moves are afoot to make it easier to pursue actions in the regular courts for losses arising from breaches of competition law.

This means that business can expect more intervention and exposure to competition law risks, regardless of size, location or sector. It also creates opportunities if you are harmed by behaviour that breaches competition law.

We can help you meet those challenges, reduce your risk or seek damages or other remedies through the courts. For example, we can help you identify and resolve any potential or suspected breaches. We can defend you against claims for damages and advise in the recovery of damages caused by suppliers, customers or competitors. We can also help reduce any competition exposure for your business.

Our group works across the full range of competition law and regulatory regimes and has a particular track record in: mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and public offers; cartels; monopoly infringements; leniency applications; and public procurement and state aid. We also offer full support for compliance and training programmes.

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This information was originally sourced from the Shepherd and Wedderburn website.