Dacheng defends innocence of client accused of misappropriation of fund

Attorneys Zhai Jian and Wang Feng from Dacheng’s Shanghai office have won a lawsuit for a client accused of misappropriation.

The client was a financial staff member of a company. According to investigations of a public security bureau, after the salesmen handed in sales revenues, the defendant failed to obey company rules that required him to deposit the money into a designated bank; instead, the defendant, taking advantage of his position, misappropriated the money for his own good and did not turn it back even when he was reported to the police.

Attorneys Zhai and Wang were retained as defence lawyers for the client. After meeting the defendant in person, reading case files and collecting evidence, the attorneys concluded that the facts were unclear, nor evidence sufficient, and argued for innocence for the client.

Their efforts paid off: the client was found not guilty and released. Later, the attorneys applied for state compensation for the client, which resulted in ¥40,000 (£3,800) damages.