Dacheng attorney interviewed by CCTV-1 on Mafia-style crime ring case

Attorney Ma Jun from Dacheng’s Taiyuan office has been interviewed by News Broadcast (‘XinwenLianbo’), a CCTV-1 news programme, on the case of Liu Han and Liu Wei who were sentenced to death by Xianning Intermediate People’s Court of Hubei province for leading a mafia-style crime ring and killing several people.

Ma said that the case shows the central authority puts an emphasis on the principle of rule of law and that everyone is equal before the law regardless of one’s power or position; this is the fundamental way to protect people’s interests.

Ma also noted that, during the court trial, Liu Han’s right of self-defence and his lawyer’s right to speak were both fully respected, which served to furnish sufficient legal and factual basis for a fair and just judgment of the court.