Dacheng attorney appointed to Lawyers’ Team of Insurance Association of China

Chen Feng, Dacheng senior partner and executive head of the Shanghai office, has been appointed to the Insurance Association of China (IAC) Lawyers’ Team at the recommendation of China Pacific Insurance (Group).

The IAC had previously announced in Beijing that a talent plan was being launched to cultivate professional, specialised teams of insurance experts and think tanks. The plan would be open to individuals with or without a background in insurance who would be cultivated on a multi-layered, multi-field basis.

The purpose of the plan is to gather high-level talents in the insurance industry to create a talent pool and provide strong intellectual support for the sound growth of the industry.

On the day IAC launched the plan, the IAC Lawyers’ Team — the first phase of the plan — was created. The team comprises 10 lawyers from 10 renowned domestic law firms based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Chongqing.

They were selected from a candidate list of 102 based on the recommendation of 70 IAC member institutions. The IAC said that candidates must have rich practical experience, good conduct and reputation and enthusiasm in advising on insurance-related matters.