Allen & Overy warn of scam using the firm’s name operating in European countries

 Allen & Overy has warned that a scam using the firm’s name is currently operating in a number of countries, including Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

The fraud has consisted of an email which comes from a ‘Dr Jur Thomas Boss’, in the examples seen to date, and originates from a Gmail account incorporating the words ‘allenovery’, rather than the legitimate ‘’ email address.

The email offers for sale, at heavily discounted prices, optical goods such as binoculars or night vision devices originating from the liquidation of a French trading company called ‘Schmidt & Bender — analtytikjena DOCTER – NIGHT-TRONIC — MAKURA — SWAROVSKI — ZEISS — me-opta — Steiner’ and attaches price lists for those items. It also includes the contact number 00316 27 110589 and the contact email

These emails are fraudulent and do not originate from Allen & Overy. Neither the above names nor the products are known to Allen & Overy. Please contact the police in your local jurisdiction to report the fraud.