Law Rocks 2013: The music, the bands and the buzz

Legal market battle of the bands Law Rocks rolled into town once again last night with a show that was almost stolen by first timers Michelmores.

The Devon firm’s band The Disclaimers not only had fans who had travelled the furthest, it also put on one of the best shows of the night.

The set kicked off with ZZ Tops’ Sharp Dressed Man and wrapped up with a blast of Status Quo, pleasing the massed ranks of rockers in the crowd as well as all three of the Law Rocks judges, who invaded the stage armed with plastic guitars to head bang along with the song.

But it was the simply awe-inspiring riffing of PLC’s Big Ghost, a band that already has one Law Rocks crown under its heavy metal belt, that ran away with first prize last night.

A perfectly judged set that included songs from Rage Against the Machine, Muse and Limp Bizkit had the crowd screaming in support.

Big Ghost was followed by Landmark Chambers and the operatic yet still bluesey voice of Katrina Yates, a show-stopping singer who doubles up as one of the bar’s up-and-coming property and Chancery advocates. Showbusiness surely beckons the barrister with the big voice.

Sadly for Landmark’s band The Alibis, the judges felt that the rest of the band failed to match her stellar talents.

“You may have a deputy High Court judge [Rhodri Price Lewis QC] on lead guitar but you are the star,” quipped one.

Last night’s five-band line up at London’s legendary 100 Club was one of the strongest ever, with sets from Squire Sanders’ Earth Wind & Squires and CMS Cameron McKenna’s The Stragglers rounding off the night.

Last night’s London show also coincided with another Law Rocks event held simultaneously in San Francisco, with both events raising thousands of pounds for charity.

The showbiz atmosphere in the 100 Club was made complete with flags, strobing balloons and confetti explosions, an appropriate mood to set as the Law Rocks carnival gears up to roll into Los Angeles next year in another UK and USA double header.

“The judges improve gig on gig, the bands improve gig on gig, in fact, this has to be one of the best nights out you can have in London for £20,” said Law Rocks founder and Keating Chambers senior clerk Nick Child.