Jams hires former Ince senior partner Peter Rogan

Ince & Co’s former senior partner Peter Rogan is to retire from the firm to join alternative dispute resolution provider Jams International.

Peter Rogan
Peter Rogan

Rogan stood down as senior partner in 2008 after eight years at the helm during which time he led the firm’s international development programme, opening offices in Shanghai, Hamburg, Paris, Le Havre and Dubai (20 November 2007). He stood down to become a full-time partner in the firm’s insurance practice.

Rogan, who is widely considered a world leader in insurance law, will join Jams next week (12 June) in London and New York as a mediator and arbitrator. He will continue to have a limited consultancy role at Ince.

JAMS chief executive Chris Poole commented: “He is a popular and widely respected figure in insurance in London and internationally. We are confident that Peter’s ADR practice will continue to develop on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Rogan added that his experiences as senior partner at Ince would enable him to develop a successful mediation practice.

“Among the challenges I greatly enjoyed as senior partner of a consensus-driven partnership, was bringing different and sometimes opposing voices to agreement, and doing so without parties feeling that they have had to sacrifice points,” he said.

“I am looking forward to bringing this kind of experience and skill to bear in my mediation practice, while at the same time remaining current with the law while continuing to sit as an arbitrator.”