DAC Beachcroft launches redundancy consultations across employment and pensions groups

DAC Beachcroft has confirmed that senior members of its London employment and pensions team will face a redundancy consultation.

The firm refused to comment on exactly how many jobs were under threat.

A statement from the firm read: “DAC Beachcroft’s employment and pensions group operates successfully across five UK locations: Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle. A recent review has identified that in London the team is overstaffed at a senior level when taking account of clients’ evolving demands.”

“As a consequence we are in the process of a consultation with the team to determine ways in which we can rebalance the make-up of the team. This may, unfortunately, include a small number of redundancies at senior level. As this is a very personal issue for those involved we do not wish to comment further at this time.”

The announcement comes just over a week after legacy Davies Arnold Cooper (DAC) senior partner Danny Gowan retired, prompting a revamp of the firm’s board (11 June 2013).

This is the latest redundancy consultation to hit the headlines following the close of the 2012/13 financial year (31 October 2011

DAC Beachcroft is yet to release its 2012/13 financials but it will be the full financial year since its DAC merger in November 2011 (31 October 2011).

Last year the firm posted £163.2m of turnover, a little lower than the combined totals of Beachroft’s 2010/11 figure of £134m and DAC’s £43m, althought the firm said at the time that it expected to be opertaing at more than the sum of its parts by 2012/13 (28 June 2012).