Will Charles Russell Speechlys be a winner?

Matt Byrne
Matt Byrne

Sadly it’s a safe bet that the total when Charles Russell Speechlys goes live on 1 November will be fewer than currently work at the two firms. Mergers are always partly about cost savings, and in the current climate, more so. Added to that is the growing acceptance among many firms of the benefits of pooled resources and regional, lower cost centres. Indeed, as Speechly Bircham’s managing partner James Carter said yesterday, the firm’s integration team has now been tasked with finding the best elements of both firms and making them work effectively together, a job spec that will include, “looking at workflow, team combinations and optimal use of office accommodation”.

These themes were explored in some detail in The Lawyer Management Guide last month and indeed will be the focus of our conference in October. They were also a recurring theme among the entries for October’s awards, the shortlist for which was unveiled last week. What’s the betting Charles Russell Speechlys will be entering next year for the work it’s just starting now? Meanwhile there’s much more detail on the new firm’s plans and the rationale for the merger, including the new firm’s plan to relocate support staff to the regions, in Natalie Stanton’s blog.

Also today, former ex-government and treasury solicitor Tim Heywood offers some practical tips on managing your information as effectively as possible while Control Risks highlights how disclosure between the US and UK is redefining the role of legal counsel and Walker Morris ponders the future for zero-hours contracts.

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