Promos focus for UK firms remains at home

The Lawyer’s recent analysis of promotions patterns at national firms over the last three years has revealed attention is returning to the UK, with a significant drop in the number of new partners being made up in some UK firms’ overseas offices.

The research also revealed the scale of overseas promotions being made by DLA Piper and Eversheds in comparison to other nationals.

If the overriding trend to turn attention back to the UK is a sign of things to come, some of the more nationally focused firms may need to redress the balance.

Of the promotions that did occur overseas between 2012 and 2014 among our sample, DLA Piper was responsible for all of them in the US and Australia, accounting for just under half (43.3 per cent) of the overseas total.

For the complete picture of the last three years of national firm’s promotions see this week’s feature, Promo nation.

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