Outer Temple’s John McKendrick appears in forced caesarean proceedings

Outer Temple Chambers’ John McKendrick has appeared for applicant health bodies and a local authority in complex proceedings before the Court of Protection

This was to declare that a patient lacks capacity to make decisions about the place and mode of delivery of her unborn baby and to declare that it is in her best interests to be the subject of a placental location scan and forced caesarean section and to receive contraception following the birth of her child.

Mr Justice Cobb acceded to these declarations and authorised the applicants to use reasonable force and restraint to access the patient’s home. He also declared force could be used, in the exceptional circumstances of these proceedings, to grant the applicants authority to use force to convey the patient to a safe place to assess her capacity to make long-term decisions about contraception.

McKendrick was instructed by Hannah Taylor of Bevan Brittan.