Exari launches online clause and agreement creation resource for in-house counsel

Exari has announced the launch of SmartDocs, an online clause and agreement creation resource for Australian in-house counsel. SmartDocs was built in partnership with the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association (ACLA) and Minter Ellison.

SmartDocs is said to provide in-house corporate counsel with a better way to quickly and accurately draft confidentiality agreements and liability, exclusion and indemnity clauses. The resource provides ACLA full members with access to an unlimited number of agreements and clauses. It also allows for additional edits and customisation for each scenario.

SmartDocs works on any web browser without the need for external software downloads. It starts by collecting the answers to a series of questions meant to customise the document. This cuts back on time spent drafting, reducing the length of the document assembly process from hours to minutes.

In order to model the platform options as efficiently as possible, Minter Ellison lawyers offered real-use cases and standards for clauses to help build in typical scenarios that make up the SmartDocs forms.