Eversheds launches Pathway pension service with Aon Hewitt

Eversheds has announced the launch of Pathway: a service for pension schemes wishing to carry out a buy-in or buyout, which was developed in collaboration with global talent, retirement and health solutions business Aon Hewitt.

The firm said that Pathway offers a complete solution, including pre-negotiated contract terms with insurers that reduce uncertainty and speed up risk transfers.

With Pathway, schemes are able to make a high-level comparison of insurers’ terms at an early stage in the process, allowing them to develop an informed view of the differences between providers and of any factors that might have a significant impact on the transaction.

As Pathway has been developed following discussions with insurers, it also enables them to be comfortable with the buyout process, freeing them to prioritise cases by committing to shorter turnaround terms than is the standard.

Key features of Pathway

  • A clearly defined and shorter broking process, with robust project management
  • Pre-negotiated, enhanced legal contracts, with legal advice ‘on the stocks’
  • Comprehensive due diligence on providers, enabling clear comparison of the offers available on more than just pricing and brand
  • A fixed fee, giving clarity on cost