‘Your barrister boyfriend’ founders plan female equivalent

The women behind the Tumblr Your Barrister Boyfriend, which rates barristers according to their appearance, will launch a female equivalent in the next four weeks.

The identity of the two women who launched the site has been kept under wraps. The pair, an art historian and writer and a journalist, both Americans living in London, first launched the Tumblr account earlier this month (18 July 2013).

There are plans to launch a female barrister equivalent in coming weeks.

“We haven’t set an exact date but it should be within the month,” one said. “Listing women might be a bit more controversial, obviously.

“I don’t think we’re scared [of listing women] as we knew that when we did the original listing people would say it was sexism, but against men. We kind of knew we were going to have to do women, so hopefully it will come out alright and people won’t be horribly offended.”

The pair have added five new nominees to the original 21 on the male rankings after being “inundated” with emails and messages. Nominee Martyn Naylor of 4 Pump Court commented: “It’s surreal but obviously flattering to be nominated – one of my solicitors called this morning and told me (once she and her colleague in the background had finished laughing) that I should feel deeply honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as Patrick Hennessey. Anyway, now that the dream has been achieved it’s back to the work of interpreting IT exclusion clauses.”

Another new nominee, Daniel Breger at 25 Bedford Row, said: “It’s good to know that all those years of studying, legal training, and getting scolded by judges weren’t for nothing. This is for all my fellow barristers at 25 Bedford Row who got sorely overlooked. Rock Tansey, you know who you are.”

The journalist said the site had provoked a wave of responses: “We got over 100 emails, and several of them had several suggestions so we thought we would start putting them out there and a lot of the quotes about them were very delightful and fun.

“There were a lot of nominations, some were from chambers, like a group of women within chambers who got together and decided to nominate. We promised everyone anonymity but lots of chambers got in touch saying that we had overlooked their men.”

Barristers were chosen from the websites of major chambers with the pair making a conscious effort to “shake it up a little” by choosing men whose looks varied to avoid the Tumblr having a uniform look.

The journalist and art historian are as yet to reveal their identities but hinted that the truth may out in the future. The journalist said: “We’re not determined to remain anonymous, we’re certainly not embarrassed, we’re happy to stand by it. It just depends on how things go, if we want to go undercover or do some hottie scouting we don’t want people to know who we are.”

Recapping the pair’s strategy behind the account, she added: “Intelligence is as arbitrarily distributed as beauty. I don’t think any barristers would be unwilling to accept accolades on the basis of their intelligence. Why not beauty?”