Saloman, Timothy QC

Timothy Saloman’s principal areas of practice are international commercial work, in court and arbitration: notably shipping, insurance, reinsurance (marine and non-marine), sale of goods; disputes involving states or state corporations, state immunity, and jurisdictional disputes in court and arbitration.

Timothy Saloman

Saloman has extensive experience as an advocate in England in the High Court and appellate courts, and in arbitration tribunals; he has also appeared as an advocate in the supreme courts of Cyprus (shipping), Bermuda (insurance), and British Indian Ocean Territories (shipping).   

He appears in successive editions of Legal Experts.

He has given expert evidence on English law in foreign proceedings in the US (reinsurance litigation) and France (shipping and jurisdictional disputes).

He has acted as arbitrator in commercial/insurance disputes; member of the Commercial Bar Association; and supporting member of the London Maritime Arbitrators’ Association.

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Information sourced from the 7KBW website.