Online briefing for private practice: understanding the key consideration in safeguarding your client’s information governance strategies. What are the options available?

Recent actions by regulators highlight the need for better information governance and swift forensic investigation to safeguard not just finances but reputations as well as sense checking internal and external policies.

This webinar helps you to face challenges posed by regulators and provides solutions to bolster your existing policy, procedures and technology.

David Kemp, executive director of legal policy at HP Autonomy, maps out the following issues:

  • How do companies control their information to enable information governance to be achieved?
  • How can policies be enforced across the organisation to provide early warning of potential breach and related litigation or regulatory action?
  • What innovative tools are now available to promptly de-duplicate, cluster, analyse and provide defensibility from mass data that could be in multiple jurisdictions?
  • What pre-emptive action can be taken by compliance officers to safeguard the institution for the future?

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