Mourant Ozannes workshops focus on Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012

Mourant Ozannes recently organised a series of workshops focusing on the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012. A panel of experts at the event, which was supported by the States of Jersey Population Office and attended by nearly 200 people, concluded that the law was not revolutionary but that it will lead to more streamlined processes and greater benefits for businesses and individuals.

A number of HR professionals, business leaders, lawyers and estate agents attended the two Mourant Ozannes sessions to find out what changes are being introduced through the new law. The panel included employment lawyers and property experts from Mourant Ozannes together with representatives of the Population Office, which will administer aspects of the new law.

The speakers gave an overview of the new legislation, following which the panel answered searching questions from the audience on a number of topics, including the rights of people to live and work on the island, and how the system will be administered and policed.

There was particular interest among delegates in the new system of registration cards that islanders will need to obtain in order to commence work or buy or lease property. These cards will contain information about an individual’s residential status.