Law loves Leeds

Question: What do Herbert Asquith, Alan Bennett and Mel B have in common? They’re all famous Leeds residents.

Why are we asking you this? Why, because the University of Law is about to join the lucky list of those born or bred in the city of course. Yes, in its quest for world domination “Europe’s biggest law school” – their words, not ours – is making the move from historic York to Leeds.

University president, Professor Nigel Savage, says the city is experiencing a business “renaissance”. It will become home to the university by September 2014.

Of course, the move follows Savage’s controversial rebranding of the institution, formerly known as the College of Law.

The name change of the most famous brand in legal education was greeted with lacklustre enthusiasm by some back in November last year and outright disdain by most. “Sounds like one of those dodgy colleges set up above a souvenir shop on Oxford St for visa scams,” commented one reader of The Lawyer at the time.

With its prime York location gone and its much-mocked name change properly bedded in, Savage’s institution appears to be in the midst of an identity crisis.

Which brings us back to Mel B. From Scary Spice to America’s Got Talent judge via a paternity dispute with Eddie Murphy, the lass from Leeds is a veritable northern Madonna when it comes to reinvention. Let’s hope the University of Law can do the same.

Viva Forever, yeah?

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