Latham’s Friday Feeling

Hey, you lot at Latham & Watkins. If you’re after a little gift to put a spruce in your step and a song in your heart, we’ve found it. Not only is it a Friday, but Latham is putting you at the centre of its knowledge management (KM) strategy.

For those of you still with us, this golden prize will see lawyers rewarded with full billable hours credit for time spent on approved projects – such as drafting and updating of forms, organisation of precedent and the drafting of client alerts. In essence, you’ll now get paid to show off your grey matter.

For the confused, here’s some background: Latham’s lawyers have an average of 1,900 billable hours target before they qualify for a bonus. In its previous mechanism KM hours did not count towards that target although pro bono hours did.

So there we go. We promise a more glamorous gift next time.

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