Jenkins, Hywel

Hywel Jenkins’ speciality is advocacy. This he practises in the areas of commercial fraud, personal injury, and regulatory and disciplinary, where he has extensive experience in health and safety at work cases. 

Hywel Jenkins

For example, he prosecuted the Southampton Hospitals Health Trust for failing properly to supervise their junior doctors, a landmark case in this area of the law. In this area, he has represented clients such as Balfour Beatty and prosecuted such defendants as Railtrack plc, where as senior counsel, he reported directly to the attorney-general in the proposed prosecution of Railtrack and its officers over the Paddington Rail disaster. His health and safety at work practice embraces cases of gross negligence manslaughter that he has both prosecuted and defended as both junior and leading counsel. Notable among these is R v Misra, now one of the leading cases on the Mens Rea in gross negligence manslaughter.

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Information sourced from the Outer Temple Chambers website.