Investment funds

Chevalier & Sciales has a strong expertise and an in-depth knowledge in the field of investment and asset management. We advise on the full range of legal and regulatory issues for asset management firms and investment funds. 

We combine an interdisciplinary approach to better service clients on the organisation, establishment and operation of investment funds (retail funds, sophisticated UCITs, master-feeder UCITS, SIFs, closed-ended funds, hedge funds, private equity funds), as well as the negotiation of the service and management agreements. We understand that the requirements of investment and management firms go beyond solving purely legal and tax issues. We can help them achieve the best-possible tax and legal outcomes by structuring flexible, easy to administrate and cost-effective investment vehicles to significantly increase their competitiveness.

We can perform, among others, the following advisory services:

  • Assessment of the impact of the AIMF Directive on the managers as well as their funds.
  • Advising fund managers in relation to local private placement rules for the marketing of their funds in Luxembourg.
  • Assessment of the impact of UCITS IV and UCITS V.
  • Review of eligibility of target assets, minimum risk diversification requirements and other investment restrictions.
  • Support in relation to the registration of Luxembourg funds in other jurisdictions (with support of local service providers).
  • Fund restructuring (liquidation or merger of funds, compartments or classes) and amending the fund documents and liaising with the CSSF.
  • Assistance in relation to the migration of service providers (the custodian bank, administrative agent, auditor, registrar and transfer agent).
  • Assistance with listing of UCITS and SIFs on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (the regulated market or EURO MTF).
  • Islamic finance: Structuring of Sharia-compliant investment vehicles through the use of Luxembourg UCITS, SIFs and SICARs. 

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