‘Hottest’ barrister website sparks consternation at the bar

A new website that claims to rank ‘The 21 Hottest Barristers in London’ has been met with much mirth at the bar.

The website began circulating around the Inns of Court earlier this week, after the self-proclaimed barrister hottie experts launched a Tumblr called ‘YourBarristerBoyfriend’.

Patrick Hennessey of 39 Essex Street, who was only called to the bar in 2010, has topped the rankings for the most attractive barrister. According to the rankings, Hennessey is “the kind of guy you dream about meeting when you’re an 18-year-old girl fresh off your gap yah and going up to Oxford. You’d lock eyes during freshers’ week, and have a shy courtship culminating in a torrid midnight make out sesh in a college cloisters.”

Responding, Hennessey told The Lawyer: “Most unusually for a barrister, I’m speechless. It’s a tremendous honour and very reassuring to know that if the current misconceived and ham-fisted attempts at reform end up breaking the justice system altogether some of us at least have a sporting chance in an even older profession.”

Monckton Chambers’ Daniel Beard QC is ranked number five in the listings, but confessed that his wife preferred another 39 Essex Street member, Rory Dunlop.

“I just can’t say how enormously proud I am to have made this list,” he commented. “For any barrister this is the pinnacle. Unfortunately my wife says she prefers number 17.”

The site described 4 Paper Buildings’ Justin Ageros as being “like a fire-fighter stuffed into an M&S suit”, while South Square’s Adam Al-Attar “a soulful, elegant quality that reminds us of the young Marcel Proust before he took to his bed to write Swann’s Way”.

Those sets that have missed out on being ranked include Blackstone Chambers, Brick Court and One Essex Court.