Health and safety

All areas of business life are affected by health and safety issues and Outer Temple Chambers’ barristers deal with cases from the most straightforward to the most complex and high profile.

We act for companies and individuals in corporate manslaughter and health and safety matters when companies face criminal charges as well as civil proceedings. These cases range from those involving heavy industry and construction, as well as retail and commercial premises, medical professionals and NHS Trusts. The oil, gas and power industries, are specialities and members of chambers are used to acting for large corporates such as RWE Npower PLC and British Pipeline Agency in the recent Buncefield oil refinery case.

Our members of chambers are regularly consulted at the very outset of an HSE or local authority investigation. Assistance and advice relating to PACE interviews is regularly given. While the team’s ability to manage and advise in criminal investigations and appear at any subsequent trial is vitally important, there are many other aspects to our work in health and safety. We increasingly advise companies keen to ensure that they have complied with the complex and ever-expanding regulatory environment. We regularly give lectures and seminars to UK PLCs on compliance issues relating to health and safety; regular topics for discussion are the Institute of Directors’ ‘top-down’ approach to board-level responsibility for health and safety, and the likelihood that an inquiry into a corporate manslaughter will necessarily take the investigators far into the internal health and safety apparatus and culture of any corporate under investigation. 

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Information sourced from the Outer Temple Chambers website.