Geary, Gavin

Gavin Geary’s practice encompasses most areas of commercial law seen in the Commercial Court and London arbitration, including shipping, trade and carriage of goods, professional negligence, and insurance and reinsurance, as well as more general contractual disputes and general commercial law.

Gavin Geary

Geary has extensive experience as an advocate in both shorter trials, applications and arbitrations, and in substantial litigation involving complex factual and technical issues. He is equally at home marshalling extensive documentary and witness evidence as in analysing and presenting detailed legal argument.

Geary aims to be approachable and to work as part of a team with solicitors, clients and experts, and to be engaged as much in the strategic planning and general preparation of a case in the months before a trial as with the presentation of it on the day. His advisory work is often related to ongoing or anticipated litigation, but is always given with a firmly commercial perspective.

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Information sourced from the 7KBW website.