Game, set and match

Sometimes learning to love someone takes a long, long time. Sometimes an individual’s single-minded pursuit of a potentially unattainable goal under the glare of media scrutiny can manifest itself in brusque behaviour. Sometimes that’s what it takes to confound the doubters and be a winner.

Yes, there are those among Norton Rose’s partners and former partners who will confirm that Peter Martyr’s determination to transform the firm he has headed since 2002 has not always resulted in smooth-as-silk behaviour. But just ask a certain tennis player who woke up this morning as Wimbledon champion if it’s more important to be the best than to be widely liked and you’ll know how much Martyr worries about that sort of stuff.

And in the end, Britain came to love Andy Murray. There are quite a few Norton Rose partners who remember the bad old days of a decade ago who will no doubt feel similarly towards the boss.

Today’s in-depth analysis will tell you all you need to know about last-minute agenda changes, cultural shifts and a leadership style that many Norton Rosers past and present call autocratic. But if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.

Just ask Mr Murray.

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