Gaisman, Jonathan QC

Jonathan Gaisman QC practises primarily as an advocate.

Jonathan Gaisman

He specialises in commercial litigation and arbitration in the broadest sense, and is happy to expand his areas of practice into any field where his skills as an advocate may be of use. Gaisman is equally experienced in short cases before first instance or appellate tribunals arguing points of law, and lengthy commercial trials and arbitrations, demanding in terms of long-term preparation, tactical planning, cross-examination of factual and expert witnesses and detailed mastery of complex facts, or any case falling in between these extremes. He believes that commercial advocates owe a duty to their client to concentrate absolutely on the case in hand; he avoids making professional commitments which conflict with the fulfilment of that duty.

Gaisman’s practice also involves a significant advisory component. He places emphasis on the client’s need for realistic, down-to-earth advice in a commercial context.

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Information sourced from the 7KBW website.