Edwards Wildman plays the army game

Sometimes, working in an industry as highly pressured and focused as the law, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s easy to forget there’s a bigger and often much nastier world out there.

Flip this point of view and the newly launched initiative from Edwards Wildman to introduce serving members of the armed forces suddenly starts making a lot of sense. The firm has just launched a veterans placement programme aimed at introducing former armed service personnel to new careers in the civilian workforce.

The US/UK scheme has kicked off in London with the recruitment of Andy Bell, a current British Army officer whose active service military career was cut short by an operational injury. As he told The Lawyer: “I’ve spent nine years in the army and didn’t know as much as I’d like to know about what a job in an office entails.”

Cue Edwards Wildman, a firm that is not only doing its bit for CSR by helping ex-forces personnel learn about office life but is also hoping to capitalise on the changing shape of – and attitudes towards – the shrinking UK military and dare we say, get some in.

As former British Army infantry officer and Edward Wildman IP associate Jonny McDonald confirmed: “There’s the added value that we get ex-servicemen through the door who might be looking for a job.”

This year’s most innovative approach to recruitment so far.