DLA Piper and Philip Zeidman receive honours for contribution to Appleseed

DLA Piper and Philip Zeidman, a partner in the firm’s franchise and distribution practice in Washington, DC, were honoured during Appleseed’s 20th anniversary gala for their part in the creation of the organisation.

Appleseed is a non-profit network of public interest justice centres and professionals dedicated to building a just society through legal, legislative and market-based structural change.

Zeidman, who welcomed the gala crowd of 350 people on behalf of the founders, helped start the organisation’s network of 17 public justice centres in the US and Mexico, and currently serves as its general counsel.

DLA Piper is a member of Appleseed’s Orchard of Justice, an honour that combines pro-bono donations and cash giving and recognises firms that in the past few years have exceeded the $1m (£660,000) mark.