Climie, Stephen

Stephen Climie (1982 call) is an experienced counsel specialising in regulatory work — health and safety and environmental law, and complex fraud including MTIC ‘carousel’ frauds. 

Stephen Climie

He advises on financial services related regulatory crime, and also an expanding practice in defending cases before the VAT Tribunal. Although Climie remains predominantly a defence advocate he has been instructed to prosecute high-profile health and safety disasters including the Southall and Hatfield rail crashes and R v Costains & Kvaerner (multiple fatality gantry collapse on M5 Avonmouth Bridge), and other significant cases of merit R v Avery & Others — conspiracy to blackmail suppliers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, R v Peter Young & Others (Morgan Grenfell fraud with losses in excess of £300m).

Those who turn regularly to him for advice and representation include professionals brought before their disciplinary bodies, including the General Medical Council, the General Dental Council, PCT, 1st Tier Tribunals and the Hearing Aid Council.

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Information sourced from the Outer Temple Chambers website.