Bakers banks on it

We all know by now that money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, lawyers across the globe would have sacked off the boardroom for a bohemian life in the Brazilian rainforest.

But before you get ideas about that duplex treehouse, let us remind you that money is made in factories and grows in law firms (well, some – get our latest financial list here), and the world’s biggest money printer is De La Rue, is not a magical willow tree.

A shame that might be, but the bonus for you lot is that De La Rue needs legal advice. Trees don’t. So after a recent global tender, Baker & McKenzie won its heart, meaning that the firm is the single preferred supplier for the company outside the UK and US.

Having previously had relationships with around 80 firms in 150 countries, this is big bucks for Bakers. Don’t bank on them hiding in the jungle anytime soon.

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