Allen & Overy seminar focuses on bank recapitalisation and European state aid

A recent seminar jointly held by Allen & Overy and the Journal of Regulation focused on bank recapitalisation and state aid. It examined the extent to which, five years since the start of the financial crisis, European state-aid law has helped or hindered the continent’s financial system return to stability.

The seminar, which featured guest speakers including Sophie Bertin-Hadjiveltcheva from the European Commission (DG Competition), Guillaume Gournay of CDC, and Paspal Poupelle, chief executive officer of Isos Finance, also considered whether the experiences of the last five years have challenged or reinforced member states and their sovereign political status.

It also questioned whether the same solutions have been found in civil law and in common law, in Europe and in the US.

Speakers from Allen & Overy include Olivier Fréget, partner and co-head of the law firm’s global antitrust group; Fabrice Faure-Dauphin, banking partner; and Liliana Eskenazi, antitrust associate.