Turnover rises 9 per cent for Anthony Collins

Birmingham-based firm Anthony Collins Solicitors has posted a nine per cent increase in turnover for 2011-12.

It is the fourth consecutive year of increased revenue, rising from £13.2m last year to £14.4m at the latest year-end.

Average profit per equity partner (PEP) is up from £117,000 in 2010-11 to £165,000 for 2011-12 for the firm’s 17 equity partners, and the highest profit share is up to £250,000.

Net profit is up from £2.3m to £2.82m, putting profit margin at 19.5 per cent for 2012.

The firm is heavily private client-focused, with corporate contributing 23 per cent – £3.3m – and property 26 per cent – £3.7m – tot he overall revenues.

Despite operating in a challenging Midlands market dominated by Wragge & Co (22 June 2012) and Shakespeares (23 July 2012), senior partner Romaine Thompson said the firm has been able to make a solid profit.

Thompson said: “This increase is as a result of a significant amount of hard work by our staff and partners.

“The market for legal services remains challenging but we believe that our relentless focus on our key areas of strength, which in turn reflect our passions, separates us out from the crowd and will bring continued success in the future.”

She continued: “Over the next financial year we’ll be investing in people and IT to ensure that we can continue to deliver for our clients and the communities in which they operate.”

Anthony Collins has a total staff of 226 is hoping to create 18 new roles over the next 12 months.