Bye Bye Herbie

The Stibbe partner who was in charge of Herbert Smith’s now defunct international alliance is leaving the firm to establish his own boutique firm after deciding to seek a new challenge.

Stibbe partner Olivier Clevenbergh, who was secretary general in charge of the alliance between his firm, Herbert Smith and Gleiss Lutz, said that he’s leaving to establish his own corporate/litigation boutique in the wake of the dissolution of the tripartite tie-up late last year.

Clevenbergh used to be managing partner of Stibbe but gave up that role in July 2011 to become the secretary general and The Lawyer reported in December that he was considering his future following the dissolution of the alliance, caused by Herbert Smith’s desire to either merge or part ways with its European chums as part of its revolutionary Project Blue Sky.

Shortly after the collapse of the alliance, there was speculation that Clevenbergh may end up taking a job at Herbert Smith. Though that appears not to be the case at the moment, some sort of combination between Herbert Smith and Clevenbergh’s boutique is still within the realms of possibility, down the line.

If someone at Gleiss Lutz also decides to spin out and launch their own boutique, you’ll know what’s really going on.


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