BoJo’s lawyer love-in

London Mayor Boris ‘BoJo’ Johnson is as much of a gift to lawyers as he is to the media. Indeed he has a love-hate relationship with both.

His wife is One Crown Office Row public law barrister Marina Wheeler and his latest high-profile spat with RMT union chief Bob Crowe was seen off by Collyer Bristow libel partner Rhory Robertson and defamation barrister David Glen of One Brick Court.

Boris had compared Crowe to “broken promises, scandals, waste” in his mayoral election campaign literature.

Other disputes include his action against the Parliament Square protest camp and he famously said “the big losers were lawyers” when negotiating a new London Underground financing deal.

The man who once described George Bush as a “cross-eyed Texan warmonger” may still face another legal challenge for pulling evangelical Christian groups’ ‘Not gay…and proud’ bus adverts.

For Boris and lawyers, it seems like a case of ‘can live with them, can’t live without them’.

This week he was wading into a row with Westminster Council, describing its decision to pull the plug on a Bruce Springsteen gig as “excessively efficacious” before launching into one of his cringeworthy ‘Call Boris’ quotes, adding: “My answer would have been for them to jam in the name of the Lord!”

If anyone ever decides to turn the sound down on London’s Mayor, the High Court will be a quieter place.


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