A record number of barristers have been made up to silk this year, with 113 QC appointments announced this morning (12 January).

The percentage of successful applicants is slightly lower than in 2016, however. Last year just over 45 per cent of applicants were made up, compared to 44.5 per cent this year.

More women have been made up than last year – 31 (out of 56 applicants) compared to 25 (out of 48 applicants) in 2016.

Ethnic minorities are also better represented than last year. 16 applicants of ethnic origin have been appointed QC of the 37 who applied. Last year just nine ethnic minority barristers were made up.

The youngest successful applicant this year is 37 while the oldest is 65. 20 applicants aged over 50 were appointed, compared to 13 last year.

Six solicitor advocates (double last year’s three) have been made up of the 13 who applied.

Eight of the nine applicants who declared they were a gay man, a gay woman or bisexual were appointed QC this year.

Year Number of applicants Number of successful applicants Proportion of applicants who were successful (%)
2016/17 254 113 44.5
2015/16 238 107 45.1
2014/15 223 93 41.7
2013/14 225 100 44.4
2012/13 183 84 45.9
2011/12 214 88 41.1
2010/11 251 120 47.8
2009/10 275 129 46.9
2008/09 247 104 42.1
2007/08 333 98 29.4
2006/07 443 175 39.5


The new silks:

Name Chambers Practice area Year of call
Catherine Joanne Addy Maitland Chambers Civil 1998
Tana Marie Theresa Adkin Charter Chambers Criminal 1992
Colin Christopher Aylott Carmelite Chambers Criminal 1989
Kate Bex 2 Hare Court Criminal 1992
Gerard James Boyle Serjeants Inn Chambers Civil and criminal 1992
Philip James Bradley No 5 Chambers Criminal 1993
Richard Brent 3 Verulam Buildings Civil 1995
Samantha Broadfoot Landmark Chambers Civil 1997
David Michael Graham Brooke KBW Chambers Civil, criminal and family 1990
Hannah Beatrice Brown One Essex Court Civil 1992
Louis Bartholomew Anthony Browne Exchange Chambers Civil 1988
Edward Norman Burgess Albion Chambers Criminal 1993
Gideon Saul Cammerman 187 Fleet Street Criminal 1996
Alexis Anne Campbell 29 Bedford Row Family 1990
Caroline Rosemary Carberry Furnival Chambers Criminal 1995
Matthew James Chapman 1 Chancery Lane Civil 1994
Serena Huey-Ning Cheng Atkin Chambers Civil 2000
Timothy Elwyn Clark 23 Essex Street Criminal 1993
Sarah Anne Clarke Serjeants Inn Chambers Criminal 1994
Simon David Colton One Essex Court Civil 1999
Ben Michael Cooper Old Square Chambers Civil 2000
Thomas James Cosgrove Cornerstone Civil 1994
Mark James Cotter 5 St Andrews Hill Criminal 1994
James Henry Counsell Outer Temple Chambers Civil 1984
Edward Davies Erskine Chambers Civil 1998
Edward Mark de Breteuil Devereux Harcourt Chambers Family 2001
Simon Christopher Dyer Cloisters Civil 1987
David Elias 9 Park Place Criminal 1994
Martin Alan Langham Evans 33 Chancery Lane Civil and criminal 1989
Abiodun John Femi-Ola 3 Temple Gardens Criminal 1985
Sarah Louise Ford Brick Court Civil 2002
Caoifhionn Gallagher Doughty Street Civil 2001
Jeremy John Gauntlett Brick Court Civil 1994
Karim Raouf Ghaly 39 Essex Chambers Civil 2001
Orlando Gledhill One Essex Court Civil 1998
William George Henry Godwin 3 Hare Court Civil 1986
Caroline Tracy Goodwin Trinity Chambers Criminal 1988
Nina Soraya Goolamali 2 Temple Gardens Civil 1995
William Martin Goudie Charter Chambers Civil and criminal 1996
Katherine Elizabeth Grange 39 Essex Chambers Civil 1998
Dakis Hagen Serle Court Civil and family 2002
Jacob William Hallam 6KBW Criminal 1996
Ivan Charles Hare Blackstone Chambers Civil 1991
Christopher Mark Heather Tanfield Chambers Civil 1995
Michelle Louise Heeley No5 Chambers Criminal 2001
Joshua Peter Holmes Monckton Chambers Civil 1997
Penelope Anne Howe Pump Court Chambers Family 1991
Jane Allison Hunter 23 Essex Street Criminal 1986
Matthew Howard Olsen Hutchings Cornerstone Barristers Civil 1993
Ben William Jaffey Blackstone Chambers Civil 1999
Adam Martin Johnson Herbert Smith Freehills Civil
Schona Jolly Cloisters Criminal 1999
Gillian Hunter Jones Red Lion Chambers Criminal 1996
Benjamin Juratowitch Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Civil
Sheikh Mohammed Karim Kings Chambers Civil 2002
David Edward Kavanagh     Skadden Civil
Dominic Matthew Kay Crown Office Chambers Criminal 1997
Simon Thomas Kealey Baker & Partners Criminal 1995
Henry George King Fountain Court Civil 1998
Geoffrey Kingscote            1 Hare Court Family 1993
Marie Louise Kinsler 2 Temple Gardens Civil, criminal and family
Sara Lucy Jane Lawson      Red Lion Chambers Criminal 1990
Richard Thomas Leiper 11KBW Civil 1996
Christopher David Lewis Atkin Chambers Civil 1998
Louis Asa Mably 6KBW Criminal 1997
Alison Catherine Macdonald Matrix Chambers Civil and criminal     2000
Maxwell James Mallin Wilberforce Civil 1993
Anna Louise McKenna 1KBW Family 1994
David Robert McLachlan    7 Harrington Street Criminal 1996
Michael Joseph McPartland  Quadrant Chambers Civil 1983
Naeem Majid Mian 2 Hare Court Criminal 2002
Dianne Middleton Garden Court Chambers Criminal 1997
Stephen Brian Midwinter Brick Court Civil 2002
Jonathan Keith Moffett 11KBW Civil 1996
Brenton John Molyneux 29 Bedford Row Family 1994
Sam Momtaz 1 Garden Court Family 1995
Thomas Montagu-Smith XXIV Old Buildings Civil 2001
Andrew James Morgan St Philips Chambers Civil 1996
Akash Nawbatt Devereux Civil 1999
Stefano Nuvoloni No5 Chambers Civil, criminal and family 1994
Robert Peter O’Donoghue Brick Court Civil 1996
Aidan Mark O’Neill Matrix Chambers Civil 1996
Colin Yee Cheng Ong St Philips Chambers Civil 1991
Gareth Thomas Patterson 6 KBW Criminal 1995
Matthew James Philips Outer Temple Civil 1993
Debra Ann Powell Serjeant’s Inn Chambers Civil 1995
Mary Prior 36 Group Criminal 1990
Sadeqa Shaheen Rahman 1 Crown Office Row Civil 1996
Matthew Robert Reed Landmark Chambers Civil 1995
David Benjamin Rees 5 Stone Buildings Civil 1994
Deok Joo Rhee 39 Essex Chambers Civil, criminal and family 1998
Oliver Tschanz Sanders 1 Crown Office Row Civil 1995
Robert John Savage King & Spalding Civil
Fiona Kate Scolding Outer Temple Civil 1996
Paul Shadarevian Cornerstone Civil 1984
Peter Maurice Shaw 9 Stone Buildings Civil 1995
Mathew John Sherratt Carmelite Chambers Criminal 1994
Dapinderpaul Singh New Park Court Chambers Criminal 2000
John Stevenson Snowden Crown Office Chambers Civil 1989
Brian Lloyd St Louis 15 New Bridge Street Criminal 1994
Jason Ashley Sugarman 9-12 Bell Yard Civil, criminal and family 1995
Andrew Daniel Tabachnik 39 Essex Chambers Civil 1991
Jonathan Peter Taylor       Bird & Bird Civil
Robert-Jan Temmink Quadrant Chambers Civil 1996
Alexander Lambert Thorpe Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) Family 1995
Mark James Tworney Coram Chambers Family
Edmund Benedict Vickers Red Lion Chambers Criminal 1993
Anna Lilian Vigars Guildhall Chambers Criminal 1996
Andrew George Wheeler 7 Bedford Row Civil, criminal and family 1988
Natasha Wong 187 Fleet Street Criminal 1993
Alisdair Williamson Three Raymond Buildings Criminal 1994
Michael James Young Allen & Overy Civil
Adam David Russell Zellick Fountain Court Civil 2000